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Broadwood Stadium, October 17th 2009

Clyde 1 Peterhead 3

By Chris

After last weekend's shenanigans it was back to the bread and butter of game number 15 - Clyde hosting Peterhead in a 2nd division clash that could be classed as a relegation battle even this early in the season.

It was an afternoon of glorious yet chilly autumn sunshine as we made our short journey to Cumbernauld. Clyde's decampment to the new town in 1994 promised a fresh start after 10 years of uncertainty when the club temporarily shared homes with Partick and Hamilton (hence the club's supporters branding themselves as the 'Gypsy Army'). However the new town dream never materialised although a brilliant campaign in 2003-04 almost saw them return to the top flight. The stadium's fa├žade is similar to Hamilton's - a sort of pre-fab feel to it which perhaps seemed modern in 1994 but now looks rather tatty. At one side of the main stand is a 5 a side pitch and rather strangely a gymnasium on the other.

Through the turnstile we entered an area reminiscent of a nuclear fall out shelter - grey concrete, low roofs and dull fluorescent lighting. However a quick walk up the stairs brought us back into the sunshine and into an impressive little arena with all seater stands occupying 3 sides and views of the distant hills peeking through the corners. After a satisfying pie and Bovril and a quick scour through the programme the teams, along with the surliest mascot we've witnessed thus far, emerged to a disappointingly small crowd.

The first ten minutes were hectic, both sides emerging with an attacking impetus and it was Peterhead who struck first after just 6 minutes when David Ross swept home after shoddy defending from the home side. However after the opening drama the game quickly became bogged down in midfield and each side struggled to create genuine openings. As the first half meandered to its conclusion we were debating the quality on show when Clyde captain Marvyn Wilson decided to go all Calzaghe after a midfield tangle. His quick left-right jabs to the chin and stomach of John Stewart rightly saw him take an early bath and leaving Clyde with a massive uphill task for the 2nd period.

Sure enough Peterhead had wrapped the game up inside the first 15 minutes of the second period. Playing as a trialist for the North-East club, John Stewart poked home the second, quickly followed by another David Ross' strike. From a neutral's point of view it was disappointing not to see Peterhead push further on and go for more goals. Instead they sat back and played the game out and it was a dirge to watch. We did witness the rather rotund Peterhead defender Bobby Mann trying desperately to keep up with a Clyde sub but giving up after 3 steps (he was subbed shortly after). Clyde managed a consolation with a minute left but on this performance they may struggle to stay in the division.

Journey - 6/10
Pie - 7/10
Bovril - 7/10
Ground - 7/10
Game - 5/10

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